About Us

We’re a small team of awesome people in Brooklyn, NY. Duh. We should write something here that sounds like a good summary and what not. Something something words and stuff. I’d use lorem ipsum but that’s a lot less fun than just typing in random shit like this.

Our Mission

Simple. To get people talking again. bag tofu vinyl, cornhole ugh tote bag Brooklyn Austin Truffaut chambray. Mumblecore beard literally +1 salvia Blue Bottle. XOXO cred brunch, twee asymmetrical quinoa next level actually normcore American Apparel.

The Team

Some Press

Some nice folks have written some nice things about Cord and our projects. Here’s a few:

Our Investors

Couldn’t do it without them, literally. The finiancial, tactical, and emotional support we get from our VC’s and angel investors is absolutely critical. More details on Crunchbase or AngelList.